About the Dutch Art Education website

In 2006 I started digitizing my practical art lessons plastic art and crafts. Encouraged by my ICT colleague Herman van Keulen and inspired by Saskia van der Linden’s article in the November 2006 edition of “Kunstzone” : “Digitale didactiek in de praktijk,” I successively made use of Moodle and Wikispaces.

I regularly teach groups of 30 students between 12 and 18 years of age in a classroom where I have a Smart board en four computers available. It soon became clear that the digitization of lessons was highly valued by my students.

Adjustments can be applied quickly in a digital environment. Integrating work of students into my site also encourages them. Although digitizing lessons started out as support for the lessons it gradually became more of a starting point for the lessons. Students who were absent during class for longer or shorter periods were nevertheless able to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the practical information. General questions were answered through visiting the website whilst the more specialized questions received more space in the practical lessons. Individual teachers and /or artists were also starting to make more and more use of the educational site.

After the growing number of digital lessons, there was an increasing interest in the art sector to have my digital lessons continuously available. This request pushed me towards the increased professionalization of these lessons. The time I spent behind the computer was increased accordingly.

In May 2009, I decided to enhance this professionalization by hiring Coos Walinga as expert web designer and to register as independent entrepeneur. The result of these actions is the website you see before you.

This of course is a continual work in progress. It will regularly be updated and expanded both from my own experience and the responses from visitors.  Please do not forget that the site is build form my personal teaching experiences. This has both advantages and disadvantages. All lessons are structured and adapted from practical experience. This experience is highly personal and distilled from my personal learning environment.

Keep your own abilities and possibilities in mind as well as the learning environment and safety procedures. Please do not forget to read the terms and conditions. Please enjoy this site which I hope will greatly alleviate and improve the learning environment for both you as well as your students.

Peter van Steenwijk